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“I see everybody as pretty normal ya’know? except for the people that are normal, then I think they’re stranger than the people that are strange - Christofer Drew
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it aint real fanfiction unless their tongues battled for dominance

or someone let out a breath they didn’t know they’d been holding.

or their lips crashed together.

Bruised lips from hard kissing

(Fuente: cobramothership, vía or2ng3)

hyung-loving with sehun

(Fuente: purpleuhan, vía kaisooshipper)

bae being cute as a button

(Fuente: doksoo, vía ba3k-hyun)

Jongdae forever trolling their leader

(Fuente: irpsychotic, vía kmexoplanet)

true love.

(Fuente: shaylz)

when jongdae gets all shy

(Fuente: oh-sehun-please, vía adorableprince)

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